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We are a personalized tourism service company. Let us know your requirements, and we will organize an itinerary tailored to your needs, schedule, and private activities. We offer you the places with the best view and location, where you can enjoy the experiences designed for you. Contact us.

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Born in Cartagena, Colombia, I possess over 5 years of extensive experience in developing corporate brands across various industries. My expertise spans a wide range of areas, enabling me to deliver impactful branding solutions for diverse businesses.

During a pivotal business encounter, I had the pleasure of connecting with Brian Cartagena, a seasoned concierge deeply entrenched in Cartagena’s tourism sector for several years. Our synergy was immediate, leading us to exchange contacts and co-found Classy Cartagena, a premier luxury tourism agency. Furthermore, we have forged an alliance with Juan, a local tourism expert, to provide a comprehensive and enriching approach to our endeavors.

With my proficiency in corporate branding and Brian and Juan’s unwavering passion for Cartagena’s tourism, we are resolute in propelling Classy Cartagena to new heights in the luxury travel market. Our paramount goal is to deliver unparalleled experiences to our esteemed clientele, accentuating the city’s exquisite beauty and rich historical heritage.

Yohan Rojas


Yohan Blanco - Manager Classy
Brian Concierge - Classy Cartagena

Brian Cartagena


Born and raised in captivating Cartagena, I have over 8 years of experience in the thriving tourism sector. Starting as a bartender for private events and parties, I quickly developed a passion for assisting clients and delivering exceptional service.

I worked with a company specializing in personalized travel services, learning valuable lessons and gaining extensive experience. Primarily focused on bachelor parties and private events, I became adept at understanding and fulfilling the unique needs of clients seeking unforgettable experiences.

Through independent English studies, I have further improved my language skills, allowing me to cater to a diverse range of clients, including business professionals, executives, and politicians.

Ready to embark on your next adventure? Whether it’s a bachelor party, bachelorette celebration, corporate travel, or any event seeking new experiences in Colombia, I’m here to provide personalized assistance at every step.

Juan Batista

Logistic Manager

Juan Batista, born and raised in Cartagena, Colombia, has studied logistics and customer service courses. With over 3 years of experience in the tourism sector, he specializes in organizing unforgettable private parties, including bachelor and bachelorette celebrations.

Juan takes pride in providing excellent service to his clients and ensuring they have everything they need to create epic moments in the city. From ice-cold beers to all the necessary party supplies, he goes above and beyond to make each event truly memorable.

His past experiences include collaborating with other companies for parties held on yachts and in the charming colonial houses of Cartagena’s Walled City. As part of Classy Cartagena Travel Agency, Juan offers personalized services throughout Colombia, catering to your every need and ensuring you have plenty of extras to enhance your adventure in Cartagena.

Ready to elevate your experience? Juan Batista is your go-to expert for an unforgettable celebration in Cartagena, where every detail is taken care of.

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