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Discover the Best Time for Vacation in Cartagena

Planning your upcoming Vacation in Cartagena? And do you want to Discover the Best Time for Vacation in Cartagena? Here, we share crucial information for your trip to be unforgettable!

Climate and Attire: Choose light clothing for Cartagena’s warm climate. In the old city, enjoy a refreshing breeze by the sea during the day and night. Sunglasses and a hat are essential.

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First, the High Season – DECEMBER – JANUARY – FEBRUARY: These months are ideal for epic vacations, but keep in mind the high demand and elevated prices.


DECEMBER: Cartagena Christmas

  • In general, the city lights up with Christmas lights.
  • Ideal for family gatherings, capturing moments in the old city, and enjoying festive decorations.
  • New Year’s Eve party with tables on the streets and fireworks.
  • Recommendation: Walk through the old city, avoid traffic, and discover local festivities.


JANUARY: Beaches and Celebrations

Vacation in Cartagena
Vacation in Cartagena


FEBRUARY: Fewer Tourists, More Options

  • Less tourist congestion than in January and December.
  • Restaurants and entertainment venues with lower occupancy.
  • Perfect for exploring islands with clearer waters.
  • Recommendation: Relaxed getaway in February, taking advantage of fewer crowds.


Escape in February:

  • Finally, February is the perfect opportunity to enjoy Cartagena at your own pace.
  • Recommendations for routes and destinations, but the final choice is yours.
  • Let us know if you’re interested in visiting at another time! We’re here to help.


See you on the next occasion. Enjoy Cartagena your way!

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