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What Is The Best Location For Vacation Rentals In Cartagena?

Vacation Rentals In Cartagena

What Is The Best Location For Vacation Rentals In Cartagena? Here, we will give you some recommendations to keep in mind.

Cartagena is a small city, but the most touristy area is located within the walled city, where you’ll find restaurants, bars, and iconic places made of coral stone.

The historic center, surrounded by beautiful walls that served as protection against enemies during colonial times, has been declared intangible heritage by UNESCO.

If your night view from a balcony of the new city Vacation Rentals In Cartagena is within the historic center, it is the perfect place to take a stroll at any time of the day, whether you come with family or friends.

So, Vacation Rentals In Cartagena.  at the historic center are colonial houses, remodeled with the amenities of a luxury hotel, along with personalized service 24 hours a day.

Besides, the Getsemani neighborhood, which is part of the historic center, offers a beautiful diversity of local people, internationally renowned restaurants, and a lot of street food.

The iconic Trinity Square and its bohemian nights attract people from all over the world, enjoying a pleasant moment.

The iconic streets of Getsemani are perfect for enjoying a cocktail, and if you want to make the most of your days in Cartagena, a concierge or local guide can assist you.

We recommend the area of the historic center because you will find the history and most emblematic places of Cartagena, as well as an area with many things to do – Vacation Rentals In Cartagena.

It is very similar to Miami, full of buildings and facing the sea (Bocagrande, Castillo Grande and Laguito). Although we mainly work in the historic center of Cartagena.

Cartagena - New City
night view from a balcony of the new city.

You could take a private tour of Cartagena to learn the difference between the old city (historic center) and the new city (Bocagrande, Castillo Grande, and Laguito).

We hope this information is very helpful in choosing the best rental that suits your requirements in Cartagena – Vacation Rentals In Cartagena.




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