Your Best Birthday Party In Cartagena

Your Best Birthday Party In CartagenaYour Best Birthday Party In Cartagena

Firstly, the city of Cartagena in Colombia, the perfect destination for Your Best Birthday Party In Cartagena, we will be here to help you organize your party, something epic.

From renting a colonial house in the Walled city, a party with entertainers on an island or a private party on a yacht.

We Organize Your Tailor-Made Private Party

Your Best Private Birthday Party In A Colonial House In The Walled City.

So, want something different this year? Come to Cartagena with your friends and in a private house we help you to have your private party, decoration of your room, a personalized cake and also entertainers ready to make your party go on and on.

Also, depending on the properties you choose you can party on the rooftop, enjoying the radiant sun a chef preparing a delicious BBQ, the perfect plan to celebrate Your Best Birthday Party In Cartagena.

The Best Place To Celebrate Your Best Birthday In Cartagena

Here we offer you what suits you best, we know you are a single man and that you come looking for fun, so we organize the plan to suit you and as a serious recommendation.

Best restaurants to celebrate your birthday.

don’t worry we take care of the reservation, there are options of typical Cartagena food, Mexican and international food of high level.


Cande Restaurant – Typical Cartagena Food

Come and taste the delicious Cartagena food, and enjoy Your Best Birthday Party In Cartagena.

if you don’t know what to try, ask the person who attends you for the recommendations for Cande, you will thank me.

Then, open every day of the week, we will organize the table that has the best location for you.

Don Juan Restaurant – Caribbean and Seafood Food

Get ready to taste a delicious Seafood, made with the personal touch of the Colombian chefs, if you want to feel in a more private area there is a second floor where you can have the view of the whole place, there are services every day of the week.

The Best Place To Enjoy Night Life In Cartagena, On Your Birthday.

After all, you are in Cartagena with your friends and you want to take that moment to become Your Best Birthday Party In Cartagena, this place is perfect for you.

If you need some company to practice your Spanish and dance in this place you will find it, although if it is your birthday party, why don’t you book the vip behind the dj you will have the best location and you can arrive at the time you want.

The Best Birthday Party On A Yacht By The Islands Of Cartagena

By the way, You have already been 2 days in Cartagena and the third day the party continues in the islands of Cartagena, in your private yacht with your friends, from the morning the van picks you up at the door of your colonial house in Walled city.

Get ready to continue enjoying, while you let us take care of all the details on your birthday, when you arrive to the islands we can have fresh seafood service or eat on the island of cholon, you decide.

Concierge Service For Your Birthday Party

Finally, To guarantee Your Best Birthday Party In Cartagena, that it will be a priavada and that you can enjoy with your friends, let us help you in what you need in the city, we will give you the best recommendations.

the best for you will be that an agency will help you in what you need, our Concierge have been working in the sector for more than 8 years and know the best places and if you have any doubt or uncertainty, do not hesitate to tell them and enjoy your best birthday party in Cartagena.

On the other hand, important, you don´t speak English and it is your first time in Cartagena so, it is better to leave everything in our hands, so you only focus on the fun and do not go stressing about situations, where you will not know how to solve it.

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