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Amenities My Vacation Rental Should Have for an Epic Holiday

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The Amenities My Vacation Rental Should Have for an Epic Holiday. If you’re planning a vacation with your family to Cartagena, this information is for you.

To begin with, most Vacation Rental I’ll be discussing are in the historic center of Cartagena, the most visited area where everything is conveniently close – shopping centers, souvenir shops, restaurants, and museums.

Whether you’re with friends or your significant other, you can easily explore and enjoy the sunset while sipping cocktails.

Vacation Rental in the historic center often feature beautiful and grand doors, perfect for your wife to capture some stunning photos.

Given that Cartagena enjoys around 80% sunny days throughout the year, Vacation Rental usually come equipped with a lovely pool – an irresistible option upon your arrival.

The rooms, each with a private bathroom, hot water, a hairdryer, and bath soap – we understand these amenities matter to you, and we ensure they are available for our guests.

Terraces are a must-have in your Vacation Rental, allowing you to appreciate the sunrise at 5:30 am accompanied by a cup of Colombian coffee.

Additionally, daily cleaning services are provided in the morning – just inform the house staff. At times, you may only want a towel change, and that’s perfectly fine.

The kitchen is fully equipped with all necessary utensils in case you want to try a recipe or hire a chef to assist with a special menu.

How about tasting a delicious “posta cartagenera” and some typical Cartagena sweets (alegría, enyucado)? Give them a try.


Posta Cartagenera


Your family or friends will experience luxury hotel comforts with personalized service. We are here to assist, and we hope you enjoy your stay in the city of Cartagena.

I hope this information will be helpful in choosing your Vacation Rental in Cartagena.


So, See you in the next topic!

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