Epic Experiences

What to do in Cartagena?

You are in cartagena. Are you planning to come with your friends Are you coming for a bachelor party or vacation? After working for a long time, the body asks for a break or holiday. In cartagena, we have taken the task of designing elite experiences.

We know that you like exclusivity and quality, both for you and us. The details make the experiences we offer. It is designed to suit you, and if you want to combine them or make it different from how we offer it, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to build your trip your way.

Epic Experiences for Groups

Iconic Bachelorette Party
Icononic Bachelorette Party in Cartagena!
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Nigth Life in Cartagena
Epic Nigth Life in Cartagena
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Pass Day Island
Day Island!
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Cholon Epic Party
Cholon Party
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Epic Bachelor Party
Bachelor Party Epic in Cartagena
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Tailor Made Services

Extreme Sports
What if we do something extreme in Cartagena?
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Life is tastier at sea!
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Golf Luxury Day
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ATV Tour
ATV Tour in Cartagena
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Private City Tour
City Tour Walled City or General
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