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Where Do I Celebrate The New Year In Cartagena?

You are looking for a place to celebrate the new year’s coming. Then, we have the best places for you. Cartagena, for this day, has many parties and classes for Celebrate. But we have made a detailed list that we will share with you the most exclusive places, the freshest food, and the best service to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Cartagena.


This year with the covid, things have changed a little, still, to walk streets you have to wear a mask, and we have a curfew. 


3 am – 5 am: even though it is only 2 hours, there is an exception (the night of December 31). The measure does not apply, so you can still come with your family, friends, or whoever you want if you plan to go to Cartagena. There are still places to reserve. 


The streets will be full of tables and chairs, so many people will be sitting there, sharing with their loved ones waiting for the new year. 


Recommendations for the night of December 31 in Cartagena


You will see many people walking all over the streets waiting to celebrate the new year, so don’t worry if any stranger approaches you at midnight.

 And wants to give you a happy new year or wants to provide you with rice or lentils (grains) 

as a symbol of prosperity to welcome the new year.


If you have a reservation for your restaurant, discotheque, or the place where you are going to celebrate, try to arrive at 9 pm at the latest so you can get settled and organize any unforeseen events that may arise.


Walk, I do not recommend you to take a cab after 9 pm if you are in the old city, the traffic is crazy, and you may miss the fireworks show, 


so ask Google or any other directions platform to help you with your destination and celebrate your new year in Cartagena.


Make your reservation as of today, so you should already have your reservation made. If not done, you are still on time. Let us know where you want to celebrate, and we will find the perfect place for you.





Where Do I Celebrate The New Year In Cartagena?
Alquimico Photo from Instagram.

There are a few bars, where you will find a diversity of cocktails and three rooms for ambiance, although the rooftop. It has all the reservations copied to a weave on the second floor and second floor, so this is the time to enjoy the year in this place, DJs, food, and lots of people to meet. Everything you are looking for in one place.

Type of attire: formal & casual – both are allowed 

Best time to go: 8:30 pm 

Although there is only one option available, here we will share the link to make a reservation, or if you want, we can do it for you without complications and much faster – Alquimico







Where Do I Celebrate The New Year In Cartagena?
La Jugada Photo from Instagram.



 A mix of local and foreign atmosphere, bring your best look as you like here, the most formal clothes, but without losing your style. 

Here we will share the link for you to make the reservation price. 


Type of attire:

Best time to go: 10:00 pm 

80 USD.


Seat at table

View of the fireworks

Access to the rooftop


Here we share with you the link, So do it directly with them let us do it for you. Let us know how many people and remember to make it from today so you can secure a good place in advance. 




























You want to have the best pictures of the fireworks, you are located as the minority with the best view and have almost a 360-degree view of the city of Cartagena at midnight on December 31, this place is the perfect place for you the viewpoint located in front of the clock tower.

It offers you 

Live music


Drinks and cocktails

Good music if you want to dance


If you are alone, don’t worry, for sure you will undoubtedly find some girls there to dance and enjoy the excellent location in front of the clock tower, perfect for your photos or selfies. 


If you come alone to Cartagena on December 31, don’t worry. There are so many people in the street that are also open to making the new year.

 Be sure to bring your mask, take your biosecurity measures, and celebrate your new year in Cartagena. 





















Suppose you want to appreciate a great view with your friends truly. In that case, this is the perfect bar for you. This hotel, located only 5 minutes from the historic center, offers a wide variety of cocktails with 360-degree views of the Cartagena area. So bring your best pint and make a great video of the picture for you to share.


Here is your email address

Email sky bar:

Name of people 

Number of people 


Preferred location:

Fill out all these requirements and wait for the confirmation email. 


They will send you a confirmation email with a code you must present at the reception. To make the reservation try to make it at least a week in advance because if you do not have a reservation, it most likely will not let you enter the trendy and crowded place to share the advantage of the view and have a good drink.


or let us and we will help you make your reservation, much faster contact us by our means

cell: +57 304 332 8515




Thank you very much for reading; see you in our next post. I hope the information has helped you leave us a comment about what topic you are interested in so we can talk. See you soon 

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